Tips for sellers

1. Always take clear photos of your products before posting them for sale in the marketplace.
Sellers benefit by taking clear photos of their products because buyers get a clear representation of what they are purchasing from you. Unclear, foggy, and distorted product images do not offer buyers an optimal shopping experience, which can lead to no or a decrease in sales for that product.

2. Upload multiple photos for the same item.
Doing so allows buyers to see the product at different angles and from varying perspectives. Wherever possible, take a picture of the front, back, side, inside, underside, and top of your products. Add perspective shots, for example, capture a photo of a weed grinder placed next to a coin (a quarter, penny, etc.) – this allows the buyer to gauge how big or small the product is.

3. Be clear and concise with your product descriptions.
Do not create item descriptions that are too lengthy. Buyers like to know exactly what they are getting if they buy from you and this can be achieved  with key ingredients like color, quantity, product dimensions, material type, product quality, and of course photos for each listing.

4. Follow-up with buyers no later than 7 days and ask if they are satisfied with their purchase.
A little care and effort helps build rapport with your customers and helps create repeat buyers. Politely ask buyers to leave a positive review for good service.

5. Cross-post your products on your social media pages.
Increase exposure of your items by posting them on your social media page(s). Be sure to include a photo(s) and the howhigh marketplace url/link, which routes buyers directly to your product page.

Product posting example for Instagram:

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